Federal Postconviction

The road to federal habeas relief is not easy, but I’ve been down that road enough times that I’ve figured out how to avoid all the potholes and roadblocks that too often prevent postconviction relief in the federal courts. I’ve written hundreds of published articles and a few books on federal postconviction relief.

Postconviction relief in the federal courts for state and federal prisoners is way more complex than it has to be, but that’s how the federal courts roll. It has been my passion over the last 15 years to master federal postconviction relief so that I can help others obtain the relief they deserve.

If you’re someone who has serious questions about your criminal case or if you’re an attorney representing someone who is pursuing federal habeas relief, we need to talk. I’ve helped dozens of people get released from prison early through federal habeas corpus. I get how the process works. I’ve been there myself!

Take a look at some of my posts below on federal postconviction relief. Contact me if you’re looking for competent help with obtaining federal postconviction relief. Let me give you an Insider’s Guide on how federal habeas relief works.

Don’t go down the habeas road alone!

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