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10,000 hours. That’s what researchers say it takes to transform a person from a mere novice into a “master” of a particular thing. Whether this is true or not, I passed that 10,000-hour mark long ago.

But just because someone spent 10,000 hours on something doesn’t mean they’re instantly an expert. Sure, they might have some book knowledge. But is it their passion, something that has pulled them out of bed in the morning for days and years on end? My books on federal habeas corpus and doing time as a sex offender were my “passion projects.”

Some say I’ve set the bar too high for myself. I say others have their bar set too low. The difference is that I “get it” because I’ve been there in the trenches.

This is about more than selling books. I created my own publishing company out of frustration, after not finding books on the market that were actually helpful. I wrote my books for myself as reference books to help me.

Books in the ZLG Publishing catalog

Insider’s Guide: Doing Time as a Sex Offender
By Dale Chappell

You won’t find any pity parties or sob stories here. Insider’s Guide: Doing Time as a Sex Offender exposes the raw truth about what it’s like to be a sex offender inside and outside of prison. From facing the first accusation to surviving in prison to living in society on the sex offender registry, this book has it all. After more than 15 years involved in sex offense cases, noted criminal law author Dale Chappell provides an unfiltered view on every aspect of sex offense cases and the people who committed the crimes. If you’re someone facing a sex offense case or helping someone who is, this book is the real deal. Nothing is watered down.

Insider’s Guide: Attacking the Guilty Plea

By Dale Chappell

Attacking the guilty plea is one of the most confusing proceedings in a criminal case. That’s because the way you go about attacking a guilty plea depends on what stage of the criminal proceedings you’re in. Over 95% of the hundreds of thousands of criminal convictions each year are by way of a guilty plea. Many challenges are made and many challenges are lost, usually because the challenge was done the wrong way. In Insider’s Guide: Attacking the Guilty Plea, criminal law author Dale Chappell dives into the standards for challenging a guilty plea at every stage of a criminal case. It’s a detailed look at every aspect of challenging a guilty plea, with court cases explaining what works and — importantly — what doesn’t.

Insider’s Guide: Federal Habeas Corpus for State Prisoners
By Dale Chappell

Filing a habeas corpus petition in federal court is a bit like going for a walk in a live minefield. Blindfolded. One wrong step and it’s game over. There’s no do-overs. After seeing so many habeas cases under 28 U.S.C. sec 2254 tossed out of court because of a mere technicality, criminal law author Dale Chappell shedS some light on the workings of the habeas minefield. With Insider’s Guide: Federal Habeas Corpus for State Prisoners you’ll have a firm grasp on how federal habeas corpus works to give your habeas petition a fighting chance.

Insider’s Guide: Habeas Corpus for Federal Prisoners

By Dale Chappell

The obstacles faced by federal prisoners seeking relief under 28 U.S.C. sec 2255 may seem similar to those faced by state prisoners under 28 U.S.C. sec 2254, but it’s the little things that make all the difference. You need to know these differences.

In Insider’s Guide: Habeas Corpus for Federal Prisoners, criminal law author Dale Chappell provides an in-depth look at why things happen the way they do in section 2255 proceedings, so that you’ll have a better understanding of how to make it work in your favor. This book is a wealth of knowledge for even the most seasoned section 2255 practitioner.

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